It may look like your average terraced house from the outside, but the story on the inside is very different!

Sitting in a quiet little village on a winding lane, you’d be forgiven for thinking this house was like any other two-bed terraced cottage across the county.

On opening the Borrower-sized door you will find yourself in a giant sandstone cave that stands more like a grotto than family cottage. 

The house once belonged to artist Antony Dracup, who embarked on a mission to chisel away at the basement to create an arched cave with a vaulted ceiling and church-like pillars.View colours

After lending his artistic hand to the property, he transformed it from a regular two-bed into an extraordinary piece of architecture. 

As you would expect, the rest of the house also succumbs to beautiful and one-of-a-kind designs.View colours

The entrance hall – studded with an ornate ceiling – leads on to the kitchen made up of exposed brick walls and arches with a giant skylight.View colours

Upstairs, the bathroom is tiled in teal and indigo that complements a bold blue roll top tub. Intricate murals cover the walls in the bedroom and orange cabinets match the window frames and curtains.View colours

A cascading garden, landscaped by Dracup himself, features a farm of fake sheep and private seating areas in tiny, cobbled nooks amidst a jungle of overgrown forestry and entangled ivy. 

This place really is the setting for the perfect Disney disaster tale.

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